Winter Housing Market Huron County 2021

Winter Housing Market 2021

Going into the Winter Housing Market 2021


You will hear a different story from many different agents whether winter is a good time to sell your house. As a general rule, winter is slow in the real estate market as most people don’t like to move during the holidays, nor move with 6 inches of snow on the ground.

Let’s discuss some positive and negatives you could experience with selling your home through the upcoming winter months.


Limited supply mean less competition
Your property can stand out more as there is less competition from a slower market.

Home Efficiency
Have you recently upgraded to a high efficiency furnace or completely reinsulated your house?  A home with high efficiency is a good feature to highlight to potential buyers.  Who doesn’t like to save money on utility bills am I right? Some energy efficiency features to include in your highlights can be items such as solar panels, smart thermostats, dual-pane windows, new HVAC systems, tankless water heaters etc.

Motivated Buyers
Most people don’t go house shopping in the middle of the winter just for fun.  Buyers actively looking in the winter can be buyers that are more serious and ready to come to the table to make a deal. May companies have relocations in the early winter months which can bring families that need to find a property ASAP.

Most of us know that us realtors do tend to have a slower real estate business in the winter months. Your realtor will be able to devote more time towards marketing your listing and selling your home.  If you want undivided attention from your sales representative, consider listing in the winter.



Curb Appeal
Let’s not forget that winter months don’t always photograph our home’s best side.  You may get lucky with mother natural giving your house a fresh dusting of snow over your roof and tree branches that make your home look like a Christmas movie. But let’s face it, we may need to up our game in ensuring your home sparks a connection with buyers when they drive in the driveway.  Consider icing your steps, fixing air leaks, shoveling a clear path to the door, turning up the heat (within reason), and decorating around the holidays (tastefully). If you know you want to list your house in the winter months, give me a heads up in the summer months so I can get professional photos and videos of your house when it’s at its best.  This also gives buyers a reassurance of what the property looks like when its not buried under all that snow.

Getting out of your home last minute can be more challenging in the cold winter months, especially with kids.  Make a plan for where you can go or visit for last minute showings.  Wet snow and dirt can be more challenging as well, make sure to keep your home as clean as possible for showings.

Multiple Offers
The market is slower.  Your agent will do their best to get your home in front as many buyers as possible but just be prepared to deal with one offer at a time.  The spring market tends to see a few more bidding wars.

Trying to sell your house while kids are on and off of holidays, PA days, etc can be challenging.  Also remember to think if transferring schools in the middle of the year is what is best for your family.

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Still Need Help Deciding?

Winter, spring, summer, they all have their pros and cons.  It’s best to discuss your needs with your agent and create a plan that gets you the best possible sale price that also works with your family and lifestyle.  Reach out anytime if you have any questions.


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