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Vanastra is a small rural community approximately three kilometers south of Clinton, Ontario in the municipality of Huron East.
It is most notably known for the top secret Royal Canadian Air Force station (RCAF) used to train over 7,000 radar technicians during World War II.
At the Vanastra Recreation Centre you will see a large sign directing visitors to walk the heritage trail for the Royal Canadian Air Force Base.  10 heritage plaques line the trail, offering historic stories and information about the local community.  Information that was important to the Canadian Armed Forces for many years. The site was integral in the development of RADAR in Canada.
The radome you see in the photo above is a dome that was built over the radar to protect it from weather. Today just stands the frame that clearly does not shield or protect any equipment.  It is still beautifully lite up with decoration lights especially around Christmas time.

Thinking Of Relocating To Huron County?

 If you’re coming from the big cities you may have some stereotypes of moving to a country county so I’m going to share the pros of living in Huron County to set the record straight.


Vanastra is located in Huron East.  It is conveniently located approximately 20km from the beautiful shores of Lake Huron.

Vanastra is just outside of Clinton and some even think them one in the same.  Vanastra only consists of a few streets and industrial area with many old war homes.


A Delicious Restaurant In The Neighbourhood

Family own business offering home cooked meals from breakfast to dinner. Serving Huron County for over 30 years!

vanastra daycare


Vanastra does not have any schools but Clinton is just next door with many great options.  Vanastra does have a wonderful daycare centre that I can personally endorse from my own families experience.

Places of Interest

Check out a few things in Vanastra, especially the Vanastra Rec Centre with the swimming pool.


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