Top 10 Home Selling Points

Top 10 Home Selling Points

Are you thinking of selling and want to know how to make a good impression on your potential buyers? 

Let’s talk about 10 home selling points that buyers may be looking for in your home so that you don’t waste your time or money on things buyers don’t want. 

Read to the end to learn a tip that could transform rooms in your home into multifunctional spaces.

#10 Curb Appeal/Outside

Starting from the top we have the first thing buyers will experience at their showing which is your home’s curb appeal.

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. While the agent is getting the key from the lockbox the buyers have time to examine the yard, windows, front door and outbuildings.

Make sure to clean up the yard, wash the windows, clean the door, sweep the steps and groom and weed or mulch any of the gardens around the front of the house.  If the outside of the house isn’t well manicured, the clients may think that the homeowner didn’t maintain the house.

#9 Location

Buyers are looking for conveniently located homes. Factors including, highways, school districts, high speed internet, and amenities.

NOTE: When relocating to rural areas in Huron County/Perth County be sure to check out my blog post about 5 Things I Love About Living In The Country and 5 Things You May HATE About Living In The Country, just to be sure your new home provides the right location and amenities your family needs!

Top 10 Home Selling Points

#8 Outbuildings

Lets face it, most people have a LOT of stuff, especially since we live in a place with four seasons to accommodate for.

Buyers are looking for a garage big enough to store their car with additional storage or a workspace.  Even a small garden shed is a good addition to store lawn mowers, snowblowers or children’s goods like strollers, wagons and bikes.

Top 10 Home Selling Points

#7 Kitchen

I come from a culinary background so it’s exciting to talk about the importance of the kitchen.  Food is something every single person on this earth has in common, it’s a natural place for families to gather.

Buyers are looking for updated kitchens, good quality appliances, high end countertops and floors and ample storage.  They are looking for a bright and airy, inviting space for daily life and entertaining for special events.

A few specific things to consider are deep double sinks with an attractive faucet, built in garbage and recycling, and a walk in pantry if possible. When listing my sellers home’s, I suggest clearing as much from the kitchen counters and table as possible to maximize the workspace. If you need additional help with decluttering check out this local business ORGANIZE|CLEAN|DECLUTTER

#6 Primary Bedroom

Most buyers are investigating the size of the primary bedroom and trying to envision if the space will accommodate their existing furniture. The bedroom also needs to have the right layout and feel.

While walk in closets aren’t on the top of everyone’s wish list, it is a large demand among second time homebuyers.  If your house has one, be sure to declutter, organize and showcase its maximum potential.

If you have the means, update an existing reach-in closet by installing an organization system complete with shelving units and hanging rods for clothes.

#5 Bathroom

Next on my top 10 home selling points is the number of bathrooms. This is very important, especially the location of them, in particular having an extra bathroom on the main floor for guests, or having an ensuite.

Buyers are looking for updated styling, neutral colours, and attractive countertops and cabinets. A few quick fixes for your bathroom can be changing the paint colour, faucet and cabinet hardware.

#4 Basement

Buyers are looking for additional living space or the potential to be.  They need room to store their things, give the kids a play room, gym or give dad a separate space to watch the big games.

Functional laundry rooms are also attractive for buyers to keep dirty laundry away from guests. If your main level does not have the space to accommodate one, consider installing a nice laundry room in the basement.

#3 Character

Cookie cutter homes are easier to find these days.  Some buyers are looking for some character and charm commonly found in older homes.

Not everyone wants or needs a complete open concept home. If your home has an open floor plan, there are still ways to create separate living spaces. You can add an over-the-table lighting fixture or incorporate a tray ceiling to help define a particular area of the main living level.

No matter the price point of the buyer a house has to feel like home.

Top 10 Home Selling Points

#2 Backyard

I have many buyers that are looking to have more of a green thumb and seeking additional backyard space to plant small gardens. That feeling of being wrapped in a green oasis can be a huge selling point.

Showcasing a tidy exterior space with ample lighting can help grab buyers attention.  Be careful when buying things for your backyard specifically to get it sold as you want to make sure the backyard doesn’t look like it needs a large amount of maintenance.  Simplistic is sometimes better in these cases so buyers can imagine their plans in the large space.

Some ideas that are helpful can be motion-sensor lights along the patio, stairs or walkways, fresh hanging plants, mulch, a fresh cut lawn and staging your patio furniture.

#1 Flexible Spaces

My number one selling point in your home is creating flexible spaces. With the price of living rising, buyers are more intentional with how they’re spending their money, including compromising on smaller square footage homes.

When getting your house ready to sell, seek out rooms that can be used in a multitude of ways.  Help the buyer envision how an average bedroom could be used in one to two ways such as installing a Murphy bed in a guest room so that it can be used as an office or even a workout room as well. Another good example could be combining a mudroom and laundry space together as a transition room. Even consider installing a shower in there to keep any dirt out of your main living space. This could be great for farm families or trades jobs.

Top 10 Home Selling Points

That wraps up my top 10 home selling points.  If you need help understanding where your home’s strength’s & weakness lye please reach out for free no obligation home evaluation here.


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    “This is a great resource for anyone selling a house in Huron County! The article lays out ten key selling points that will really resonate with buyers. I especially liked the advice on staging these features – it can make a big difference in how quickly your house sells.”


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