The Best Bakeries In Huron County

the best bakeries in huron county

Who doesn’t love a good donut, brownie or the smell of fresh baked bread? 

Stick around if you love sweets and want to check out a few of the best in Huron county and how they can make your next event extra tasty!

Hi there, I’m Megan Proper, a local Realtor serving Huron County who has a big sweet tooth and loves exploring local businesses around the area.

If you didn’t know already I used to be heavy into the culinary world, being the pastry chef on the Junior Culinary Team Canada in 2016 and competing in many different pastry competitions before that. If you don’t believe me just google it. So, I know a good bakery item when I taste it.

I want to note that there are more great bakeries in the area and these four are the ones I have tried and can personally recommend time and time again.  If you would like me to make a part two video of more bakeries, I guesssss I could go try more delicious treats for you.  Let me know in the comments below!

The Sprouted Mill & Bakery | Seaforth, Ontario

I want to start in my home town at my weekly Friday drop in.

In my hometown of Seaforth Ontario we find The Sprouted Mill and Bakery.

This bakery store front is just over a year old but the business is not even close to new on experience and knowledge.

This bakery is unique because they use all their own freshly milled sprouted flours.

My family personally loves the granola for an easy car snack and the brownies are dairy free making it a bonus for my daughter. You wouldn’t know they are dairy free. They have the best sourdough bread in the area, from my personal opinion!

They are only open one day a week to the public but they make it super convenient to pre-order online so you make sure your favourite items don’t sell out before you get there.

Bartliff's Restaurant & Bakery | Clinton, Ontario

Next let’s visit my tried and true Bartliff’s Bakery in Clinton. If you know me or have followed me for a while you know I have a bit of a problem at this bakery.  When I say problem, it’s the best kind of tasty problem.

This is where you can find custom order cakes, breakfast, lunch, bakery goods but most of all my favourite local specialty donuts!

They fry up delicious flavours 6 days a week and they advertise on their social pages every morning so you can check out what they have to offer each day. As well as making their classics as well.

I don’t recommend checking out their social pages every morning if you don’t have good self control. All joking aside I highly recommend checking them out!

bakeries in huron county

BRØD Bread & Pastry | Blyth, Ontario

Now let’s head to Blyth where we will find BRØD Bread & Pastry.

I have to say my first encounter with this bakery was extremely welcoming and I had noticed how unique the feel was in here. Now that I know both owners on a deeper level they have the biggest heart of gold for their community. 

They even serve a family recipe of lemon cake that’s over 100 years old! My personal favourites so far are their cookies, tea biscuits and to die for mocha or hot chocolate. 

Be sure to follow them for their most current hours, menu offerings and of course Gerrits daily jokes.

Culbert's Bakery | Goderich, Ontario

Okay, Lets go to Lake Huron  and find Culbert’s Bakery  in Goderich Ontario.

Many of you may know of this one from its great reputation since the early 1800’s and most known for their old fashion style doughnuts and home of the famous cream puff.

If your local, you know and to be honest most tourists know it’s a destination stop as well. Recently they have done an overhaul and made it extremely convenient to order online and have been doing some big orders for weddings that look like a total hit with guests.

bakeries in huron county

What did you think?  Which of the four bakeries do you want to try first?  If you have tried any of them, what’s your favourite treat? Let everyone know in the comments, I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you’re looking to make a move or relocate to Huron County. Reach out for a free home evaluation or check out my free buyers guide to help you start the process.


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Look out for my next blog where were going to check out some of the best coffee shops around Huron County

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