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Selling your home in this busy seller’s market can be overwhelming. With so many interested buyers out there you need to have a plan and know what you’re willing to sell for, and what conditions you are comfortable having in your transaction. I can help you list your home or property quickly and guide you through the process of selling to get you the best results possible.  The best part is we focus our plan to work best for you and your families needs.

Local Knowledge

I don’t just advertise your home. I work to show potential buyers what your community has to offer.  The proximity to local businesses, hospitals and school systems.  Knowing the local community helps buyers envision themselves in your home and also within their new community.

Flexible Commission

Not a one size fits all.  Full service or a-la-carte, we can design a plan that works with you.  As most clients choose my full service, we can custom build a marketing strategy and system that works for your family.

Home Evaluation

I will create a home evaluation based on comparable sales and current market trends.  Discussing the highs and lows you should be educated on.  Is it even the right time to sell?  I will provide you honest advice and discuss stay in options and renovations that you may have not even thought about.

Response Time

It’s 2021 and everyone is used to having responses at the tip of their finger. I discuss communication options from the start of our relationship to keep an organized line of communication that respects your busy schedule. I will always reply within 24hrs unless I have notified you otherwise.


Wondering if there are any improvements that can provide a good return on investment?  I will work with you through our initial walk through of projects that could potentially gain you thousands in profit or help create emotional appeal for potential buyers. I will also tell you what to not waste you time on.

Home Inspection

I will discuss pre-listing home inspections.   The benefits of avoiding future legal actions and also encouraging potential buyers to bring firm offers.


Don’t know a handyman that can tackle the list of small improvements before listing your home?  Let me set you up with some preferred tradesman to get the job done right!


I have likely told you the benefits of decluttering.  But where do you put it all in the mean time?  Let me provide some local recommendations of storage facilities if needed.


Your repairs are all done and you have decluttered.  Your house may not be ready to show its best side yet.  Cleaning can be a free thing you can do yourself to improve the salability of your home. Or I am happy to recommend a professional to help you out.


We will discuss if what what staging could do to get you top dollar for your home.  But if staging isn’t practical for your family to live in through  constant showings. We will discuss alternate marketing strategies to show the best side of your house.

Video & Photography

Some things are better left to the professionals.  Photos of your house can make or break a buyer from wanting to learn more about your home in a matter of seconds. Most buyers are viewing your home on the internet first and its crucial for us to make a great first impression.

Virtual Tours

Allow potential buyers to experience your home without disrupting you.  This allows buyers to be confident they want to book an in person viewing. I will also add virtual tours to my YouTube channel to gain maximum exposure.

Social Media

I make social media FUN! I love to create unique short videos to engage with 1000’s of viewers to highlight your homes story. Connecting with the online community and building a hype about your house before it even hits the market!


I utilize the latest technology to help protect your home and only allow lockbox access to a buyer’s agent.  This software also allows use to contact all agents who have shown the home at the click of a button.  Never missing an offer opportunity.

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