Pros Of Relocating To Huron County Ontario

Pros Of Relocating To Huron County Ontario

So you want to make a big move to Huron County do yea?

If you’re coming from the big cities you may have some stereotypes of moving to a country county so I’m going to share the Pros Of Living in Huron County to set the record straight.

I’ve created a separate blog for Cons Of Living In Huron County that is linked Here.

Huron County is a large county in Ontario’s West coast, on the shores of Lake Huron.

Within Huron you have nine municipalities consisting of Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh, Bluewater, Central Huron, Goderich, Howick, Huron East, Morris-Turnberry, North Huron and South Huron.

They all have unique towns with specific pros and cons of their own.  For this blog we will stick to the overall pros of the whole area, saving the best for last. So let’s get right into it

PRO #5 - 90 km/h Speed Limit

Pro number five is the 90 kilometer speed limit on most county roads.

Maybe some will see this as a con but when you are traveling 30 minutes to each destination around Huron County, you will be happy to set that cruise a little higher.

Pros Of Relocating To Huron County Ontario

PRO #4 - Outdoor Trails

As we don’t have as many indoor gyms as the cities. Huron County has over 30 plus hiking trails for all skill and age levels that can be explored all year round such as the G2G Trail.

This makes it extra special to enjoy these trails for walking, biking, and snowshoeing throughout the year. The trails can consist of anything from riverside or forested paths, to historic railways and open meadows. 

They even offer a Free guide to help you explore each trail with descriptions and  a corresponding map to help identify distance, level of difficulty, trail use, hazards and costs, if any. 

I will link this guide for you below.


Explore each trail with descriptions and a corresponding map to help identify distance, level of difficulty, trail use, hazards and costs, if any. 

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PRO #3 - Country Living

Huron county is the most agriculturally productive county in Ontario, and a leader in numerous areas of agricultural technology and innovation.

In the summer and fall months, Huron County has breathtaking views of field crops. Especially when the sun is setting on the horizon. This makes for amazing wedding photos, county fall fair corn mazes and sunflower fields.

There is an abundance of job opportunities and farmer’s markets that make it easier to support your local community and farmers if you’re looking to connect with your communities in a stronger way.

There are many properties to live in Huron County that accommodate a true country lifestyle.  There are also plenty of homes that reside on the outskirts of town that can keep you close to the village but still give you that county-like feeling.

PRO #2 - Historic Towns & Buildings

If you’re a history buff or just love to soak up the charm that comes along with old heritage then Huron County may be the right fit for you.

Many communities like Bayfield, Blyth, Seaforth, Clinton and Goderich are beautiful just to walk around and sight see. 

We also have museums and tourist buildings to explore such as the Huron Historic Goal, aka the old jail, or the Van Egmond House Museum, giving you a glimpse back into the pioneer times.

Pros Of Relocating To Huron County Ontario

PRO #1 - Lake Huron Beaches

Lake Huron has the longest shoreline of all the Great Lakes. The Ontario side extends over 300 kilometers with Huron County having around 100 kilometers of golden coastline.


One-third of Canada’s rare species are found in the Lake Huron Watershed, many of which are not found anywhere else in the country.

Also the world’s largest salt mine is currently being mined under Lake Huron, located in Goderich. It’s over 1800 feet deep, as deep as the CN tower is tall and 7 kilometers long.

Huron county has numerous sandy beaches to visit and enjoy and  the tourists and locals can’t argue that Lake Huron hosts some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Summers and life by the lake is desired for a lot of people relocating to Huron County.


CONS Of Relocating To Huron County Ontario

I’m here to play devil’s advocate to give you a well rounded perspective of some of the Cons Of Living In Huron County.

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