Pros & Cons Of Living In Seaforth Ontario

Pros & Cons Of Living In Seaforth Ontario

Welcome to Seaforth, a small Southern Ontario town in Huron County, in the municipality of Huron East.

If you’re looking to make a move to Huron County and are considering the town of Seaforth Ontario keep reading to get a few of the Pros and Cons of Living in Seaforth.

I’ve lived in Seaforth for 4 years now and have some insider tips I can share with you to let you know if this could be a good fit for your family to live. Give our Huron County towns some grace, they are small populated communities that don’t operate like a large city but still have a lot to offer for a perfect quiet lifestyle.

CON #3 - Limited Entertainment

Con #3 is limited entertainment options for young adults like me.  Basically eighteen to thirty-five.

There are year round community events but either than that, we mainly get together with friends for campfires and house parties.  There aren’t too many weekend activities for the locals. I will add, we are a small community so it’s not a huge shocker. But if you’re coming from the city and still want a few more things to do I would suggest investigating a town like Goderich that may suit your lifestyle better.

I will have more content discussing the Pros and Cons of Goderich in the future.

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CON #2 - Small Hospital

Please don’t be sending me hate mail over this.  It’s just more basic knowledge for anyone from a small town who knows we don’t have the population to need a large hospital. Yes its great to still have a hospital close by, I totally love this BUT…

 If your health requires you to be near a larger facility with larger staff, and super advanced technology than Seaforth is not the town for you.

We are better off finding you a larger hospital in Huron County that can accommodate your specific needs.

CON #1 - Internet Providers

We only have two options for Internet providers in town.  Luckily one is local and provides all your internet needs.

If you’re looking for a few options your next go is Bell. I’m unfortunately still with the big guy from bundling when I first moved and honestly I just don’t want to make that dreaded 8 hour call to try and negotiate a new price or cancel. The internet is expensive for what you get in terms of speed so make sure TCC can accommodate your internet and telecommunication needs before relocating if relying on extremely high speed internet for work.

PRO #3 - Opportunity For Financial Growth

What do I mean by opportunity for fiancial growth?

If your relocating from cities such as Toronto, London, or KW.  Many of you may have the opportunity to keep your a great paying job and still work from home.  Which then opens up your area for your house hunting.

The cost of living for housing, rent and consumer goods can be much cheaper than in the city in many ways. Do we have less amenities? Yup, we sure do! But if you’re looking to keep that money in the bank over eating out multiple times a week, drinking at the bar, or shopping at the next door mall every other day, this can be really beneficial for you.

Your small budget in the big city can most likely find you a large house, with a bigger lot and who knows maybe her own private workspace.

The average residential home price in Huron County in September 2022 was around $630,000 with a median home price being around the $600,000 mark.

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PRO #2 - Outdoor Activities For Family

We have great outdoor activities for kids such as the playgrounds and Seaforth Lion’s Park. They have three different small parks around Seaforth that make it convenient in each part of town to enjoy for families.

What we love about the Seaforth Lion’s Park is in the summer when the outdoor pool is open.  They offer swimming lessons, aquafit, a swim team and open public swims 7 days a week.

What is most exciting is they have just installed a new splash pad at the park!

My family also loves the small trail called Munn’s Grove. It is a quick little loop trail that is nice for little ones to explore some bush area right in town.

PRO #1 - Seaforth Golf Club

Our favourite thing about living in Seaforth is the Seaforth Golf & Country Club.  This golf course is perfect for serious golfers or amateurs like me.  They have an extremely friendly staff each and every time we come into the pro shop. My partner and I love this golf course because it’s challenging and always well cared for.

They have an excellent, experienced golf trainer Robyn, I have personally used myself and offer a full-length driving range, putting greens, full service and licensed patio, large banquet hall and so much more.

It is known to be a very good course in the eyes of the surrounding communities and has a 97.9 percent recommendation on golfpass.com and golfnow.com. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a great spot to golf in the summer!

As a general overview, I have come to love many things about Seaforth, such as the historic buildings, the local businesses along main street, schools, the farmer’s market and walking into a store and being greeted with a friendly hello. How can I help you?  Not all of you can tell me you get greeted in your shopping centers like that, can you?


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