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Are you ready to jump into your first investment property or just add to your portfolio? Investing in real estate can be one of the safest, low-risk ways to make money. As an investor, your property will gain appreciation and you can add more cash flow by renting it out to offset the mortgage payments.

Local Knowledge

Knowing what you want in an investment property is just the first step. Understanding what the community has to offer your tenants is essential.  The proximity to local businesses, hospitals and school systems.  Let’s talk about what amenities your potential tenants may need and how my local knowledge can give you the insights of what that community has to offer your investment property.

The Numbers

Investment properties don’t always make money.  It’s important for us to run the numbers to make sure your investment will generate good cash flow in the years to come.


The start to our journey will begin with a full consultation where we will discuss all your needs, wants and wishes for your dream investment property and your needs from me. Book Your Consultation Here

Response Time

It’s 2021 and everyone is used to having responses at the tip of their finger. I discuss communication options from the start of our relationship to keep an organized line of communication that respects your busy schedule. I will always reply within 24hrs unless I have notified you otherwise.

Step-by-Step Help

Stepping into your first investment property can be overwhelming. BUT it doesn’t have to be. I work from day one to set my clients up with tasks and things they should be working on to learn everything they need to feel confident in their decisions.

No Contracts

If you’re ever unhappy with my service, feel free to cancel anytime! I don’t believe in forcing you to work with me if you are not happy.  But I will do everything in my power to make sure you are.

Buyer's Agent

99% of the time you do not pay me a commission working as your buyer’s agent. The commission from your future house 9/10 comes from the seller’s. If you are subject to pay anything to me, it will be clearly discussed with you and never be hidden to the last minute.

My Approach

No pushy agents. I work to find you an investment property that works for you, not sell you any property that comes along.  In most cases, I will talk you out of a home, not into one.

Service First

Think of me as your Real Estate BFF. Looking to remodel or see the potential in your investment?  I can direct you to a professional who can help you with any home need.


Working with a trusted agent is important.  Late night showings and viewing properties with a complete stranger can make some people uncomfortable.  We will get to know each other and I always do my best to make my clients experience feel safe and enjoyable.

Full Attention

When viewing properties together, I will always be completely present and only answer a phone call if it relates to your needs.

Instant Notifications

No more scrolling the internet every 5 minutes.  You will be set up on a specific auto email system that instantly sends you new listings right to your email. Completely customizable to the house and how often you wish to receive the listings.

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