How To Know When It’s The RIGHT House?

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Do you feel like your housing shopping experience has turned into a dating app of swiping through house listings, leaving you defeated and unsure of what you even really want in a house?

Trust me, I’ve been there and I’m here to help you decide for yourself when you have found the right house so you don’t have buyers remorse on moving day.

TIP # 1 - The House Showing

Lets dive right in, your first initial introduction to a house is most likely going to be through the listing photos. You see that you like the first impression and reach out to your realtor to book a showing.

Pictures speak a thousand words in this market.  Houses are staged perfectly to pull at your heart strings.  Photos can be great, but always take the time to book a showing and go see the house in person.  Photos don’t usually show slants in the floor, or have photographs of the “not so pretty” corners or rooms.

You will want to make sure you don’t feel as if someone is catfishing you. So when the photos and the real version add up to your expectations, we know we may have a good house on our hands. 

Tip #2 - It Just Feels Like Home

Some buyers will know in the first eight to ten seconds of walking through the door if the house could or will be a good fit. If you get past that stage you may find the house bringing up memories or sparking up conversations of how the house makes you feel.

How To Know When It’s The RIGHT House?

Tip #3 - The Bathroom

Like it or not you spend plenty of time in the bathroom everyday.  If you don’t like the bathroom, its too small or can’t envision how to make the space work it may be telling you it’s not the right house.  

how to know if its the right house

Tip #4 - It Fits Your Wishlist

Before you even enter the house, you made sure the house check many of the boxes. Also remember that you may never feel like a house is a sure ten, because the things that make a house a home are your own things.  If you feel as if a house rates around a eight to ten, you should be thrilled to know this home most likely will feel like a ten once your all settled in.  

Tip #5 - The Flaws Don’t Matter To You

So it has checked all the boxes but when you get to the showing and see a few things not mentioned in the listing or photos that you don’t love, but you’re willing to let the cons go or you find yourself coming up with solutions to fix it, you may have found the one.  When the flaws don’t matter, you may becoming emotionally attached to the house.

Tip #6 - Are You Already Personalizing The House?

If you find yourself envisioning your preferred paint colours, wondering where to put your grandparent’s china cabinet, calling your family and friends to tell them and showing colleagues at work, you may have found the one.

how to know its the right house

Tip #7 - Nerves & Excitement

If your asking your realtor for an update on the house continuously, and dreading others going through the house too, your realtor will get the hint that you love this home.

Tip #8 - You Want To Stop The House Hunting

After you view the house you love and want to stop looking at other homes, that’s a sure sign you really love it.  But until you have an accepted offer and all your due diligence finished, make sure to keep your options open and your emotions calm throughout the process.

Tip #9 - What Is Your Gut Feeling Telling You?

My last sure, tried and true sign it’s the right home for you is when you feel that click, tingly, sure feeling and excitement for the future in that home!

Swipe right, trust yourself from there and make a game plan with your realtor to pull out all the negotiation tools to secure you that dream property.

How To Know When It’s The RIGHT House?

I knew my home was the one for me right from the listing photos and walking into the door and seeing the old original wood trim and 10 foot ceilings .Let me know in the comments how you knew your home was the one for you.

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I’m looking forward to helping you with the move!


Look out for my next blog where I’m going to help you decide if it would be easier on your family to build an addition or just move on? 

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