How To House Hunt With Kids?

How To House Hunt With Kids?

Are you trying to tour homes and can’t find a babysitter last minute? 

I know it can be stressful but you’ve come to the right blog for 5 simple tips and tricks you can use to help everyone in the family keep calm, happy and find the perfect home at the same time.

Taking kids to a showing is difficult.  Believe me I know because I sometimes get stuck bringing my toddler along with me to my job.  It’s hard to stay focused on the house when your kids are touching every breakable thing in the house and tugging at your leg when you’re trying to have a conversation.

The obvious solution is to find a babysitter, but I also understand that’s easier said than done.  A few things that have helped me while bringing Aria along to showings I want to share with you today.

TIP # 1 - Keep The Essentials On Hand

Make sure to keep the essentials on hand and make sure they are fed. 

I make sure to have a bag in the car at all times that has anything I would need at the last minute for my daughter such as diapers, wipes, favourite snacks, water, toys, and a change of clothes. 

This can help you quickly run to the car to address anything your child may need in your showing time or the time it takes to travel to your next showing.

Making sure their bellies are full is also important to keep them in good spirits and the dreaded and continuous “when are we leaving” statement.

Tip #2 - Know Your Child's Limits

Tip number two is knowing your child’s limits.  If you know your toddler naps at noon, then let’s try not to book showings during that time.  Or for instance if we book a day tour of 4-5 houses, that can be a lot for kids. 

Get to know your realtor and tell them you need to bring the kids along for your house tour. Your realtor is most likely more than happy to arrange a pit stop half way through the day for lunch at a park or something fun for the kids to look forward to that day.  

How To House Hunt With Kids?

Tip #3 - Give Everyone A Job

Give them a job at the showing.  If you have young children, have them count how many windows or doors the house has. 

If your children are a bit older, have them look for their rooms or see if the yard is big enough to host their birthday parties and game nights with their friends.

How To House Hunt With Kids?

Tip #4 - Buy A New Toy

Tip number four is to buy a new toy. I don’t mean run to walmart and buy some brand new toy each time.  You can find great “new to them” toys on local buy and sells. 

Only allow them to play with that toy when you go house shopping so they are excited and not bored of an old toy from home.

Tip #5 - Include Them In The Process

My last tip is for older kids.  If you allow them to access a phone or tablet.  Have them research some local ball diamonds, dance studios, swimming pools or restaurants in the area for them to get excited about the new adventure ahead.

Most kids wants to feel like they have a sense of control over their lives so allowing them to add their own personal touches to the move will make them feel like they are contributing something positive to this new chapter.


How To House Hunt With Kids?

Look out for my next blog where I’ll help you take away some of that anxiety of moving and give you 10 simple tips for packing, moving and helping your family transition better so that you can start to feel excited about why you’re moving in the first place.

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