How To Find A Realtor In Another Town?

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Did you know that although I only usually service the Huron and Perth surrounding areas that I can help you buy and sell anywhere?

If you have a local realtor you love to work with but you’re moving to another town and want to find a representative closer to your new community I can take that task off your hands.   

Read this blog post to learn how you can support your local realtor and also find you a new trusted agent at the same time.

Looking For A New Realtor?

If you’re thinking of moving out of the geographic area that your beloved realtor services, you may be tempted to start your own search for a new realtor in the area you plan to move to.

I need you to stop right now and call your realtor.

How To Find A Realtor In Another Town?

By calling your realtor they are going to be able to refer you to an agent that they like,trust and will be confident that you’re in good hands.

Not all realtors are the same.  Some specialize in certain areas like condos, apartments, farms, commercial, new builds and the list goes on. Talking with your trusted agent first ensures that you get matched with the right fit.

It doesn’t matter if you’re needing a realtor only 30 minutes out of your realtor’s service area or if you are buying or selling in another province. Giving your local realtor the first call when needing real estate help will make them so happy knowing that you will be in great hands with an industry professional that they trust.

This is also going to benefit you most as you aren’t going to have to waste your own precious time interviewing multiple new realtors as your past realtor already knows you in and out and will know the qualities that you need for your real estate goals.

This is an overall win-win for all parties involved.

If you are looking to buy or sell the Proper way but you still would like to use a realtor closer to your area, please reach out HERE and I am happy to find you another great representative in your area.


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