Home Maintenance For New Homeowners

Home Maintenance For New Homeowners

You bought a new home, congratulations!

I’ve got a list of Home Maintenance For New Homeowners that will help you get on track much faster than I did when I moved into my home.

This list is a lot of preventative maintenance that is easy to do for any skill level of a homeowner.

Tip # 1 - Bathroom & Window Caulking

Number one is to check the window and bathroom caulking.  The caulking in your bathroom around the tub, shower and toilet help create tight water seals.

This helps prevent water damage, mold from forming and costly repairs down the road.  Keep an eye on the window seals to help cut down on cooling and heating bills from air leaks.

Tip #2 - Clean Your Gutters

Number two is to clean your gutters. I don’t want to see weeds and trees growing out of your gutters!

 Try to keep on this task twice a year to prevent build up and to trim and maintain any trees that drop debris into your gutters continuously.

Gutters are an important part of diverting water away from your home to prevent flooding around the foundation of your home.  

Home Maintenance For New Homeowners

Tip #3 - Extend Your Down Spout

Which leads me into my next tip which is extending your downspout.

This is a part of your gutter system.  You want to direct water away from your house.  If you see puddles or holes around the ends of your house, it’s most likely due to rain pooling in those areas off the roof. 

Buy an extension and divert that run off water further away from the foundation of your home.

Home Maintenance For New Homeowners

Tip #4 - Roof

Tip number four is to keep an eye on your roof.  High wind storms, hail and tree branches can damage your shingles or roof material.  You don’t want the house leaking, that will lead to larger problems down the road.

Tip #5 - Replace Filters

Number five is to routinely replace your filters.  This can be in your fridge, HVAC system, dishwasher or reverse osmosis if you have one. Many furnace filters are around 3 months. When you install them, write the date on the filter so you know when to replace it.  A tip for your dishwasher is to clean out the filter basket every time it needs rinse aid or jet dry.

Tip #6 - Service Your Systems

Number six is to have your HVAC systems serviced at least once a year.  Don’t get caught on the first 30 degree day without the AC working or in a blizzard with no heat.

Preventative maintenance costs here will pay for themselves in the long run.

Tip #7 - Dryer Vent

Number seven is to clean out your dryer vent.  Many know this fact due to the commercials of fire starters.  This is your friendly reminder to keep on top of it.

Tip #8 - Smoke Alarms And Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Number eight is to verify your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning properly.  Aim to do this monthly by testing the alarm system or button and checking the battery life.

Home Maintenance For New Homeowners

Tip #9 - Hot Water Heater

My last tip is to drain your hot water heater.  This is different for each tank but it’s relatively easy.  This is an important maintenance tip to help prolong the life by flushing out the sediment at the bottom that builds up over time.

Check your owner’s manual but usually once per year is good.

Home Maintenance For New Homeowners

Which tip are you going to tackle first?

Let me know any good tips you would like to share with me and the audience in the comments below.


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