Welcome To Hensall

Hensall is a great quiet town to raise a family in.  One of the best parts is its proximity to Lake Huron and Exeter for all your shopping needs.

Hensall is known at the White Bean Capital of Canada, dating all the way back to the 1800’s when traditional farming was the norm.  When driving through Hensall you will notice the large grain bins at the processing facilities Sylvite and Hensall Co-op.  This is home to modern technology that helps feeds countries all across the world! Thousands of tons of beans are processed annually and shipped globally.

Hensall has many job opportunities at these business as well as General Coach, Oke Woodsmith and other local businesses in and in surrounding towns like Clinton, Exeter, and Seaforth.

Hensall loves to host community events such as the Fireman’s Breakfast and the town wide yard sale.


Hensall Ontario is located only 15 minutes to Lake Huron and 10 minutes to Exeter Ontario.

The charming Village of Hensall is located approximately 10km to Exeter. This is were you can find larger box stores and restaurants for shopping and eating out.  

Hensall is conveniently located 60 km from London Ontario and about 200km from Toronto.

Hensall is a great spot if your looking to commute easily to London and buy a larger property with a quiet atmosphere.  More bang for your buck!

5 Reasons You'll LOVE it:

  1. The local butcher shop.
  2. Playground & Splash pad
  3. Year round community activities that will accommodate any age
  4. Close to Lake Huron for beach days!
  5. The people are friendly and the town is quiet.
  6. House prices compared to the city.

5 Reasons You'll hate it:

  1. The town might be a little too quiet.
  2. Not too many amenities.
  3. Hensall Co-op is large and may be an eye sore for you. But just note its a seasonal train track that only really runs around harvest time (Late summer/fall)
  4. Train Tracks

Delicious Food In The Neighbourhood

hensall ontario

Metzger’s butcher shop is my absolute favorite place to shop for meat.  Their chicken breast is UNMATCHED. Just trust me! With soring grocery prices, you might as well support and shop local and know your getting a superior product! Can’t recommend enough!

Locally sourced ingredients.  Find pizza, Shaw’s ice cream and some delicious smoked brisket and sausage sandwiches!

Plan an event with Pineridge BBQ for home cooking of smoked meat, sides and their secret sauces. I have personally tried their sauces and they are awesome!

Places of Interest

hensall ontario
hensall ontario


Hensall has a nice public elementary school.  

Homes For Sale & Sold in The Neighbourhood

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