Welcome To Goderich

Goderich, the prettiest little town in Canada. A destination for tourists and locals to work and play along Lake Huron.

Goderich is home to the World’s Largest Underground Salt Mine.

Goderich has gorgeous turquoise shorelines and a historic downtown district great for shopping or entertainment.

There is a long boardwalk along Lake Huron to enjoy an afternoon stroll or enjoy the west facing sunset. You can also climb up the staircase from St. Christopher’s Beach to view the Goderich Lighthouse on the bluff. The boardwalk consists of exercise equipment, playgrounds, restrooms and concession stands for food and beverages.

Goderich offers a range of real estate options from old Victorian homes, new build’s, condos, lease-hold communities, commercial, apartments, cottages and more.

Goderich offers chain retail stores for better competitor pricing for the area such as Walmart, Zehrs, Canadian Tire,  Food Basics etc. Goderich also has a local hospital.

Thinking Of Relocating To Huron County?

 If you’re coming from the big cities you may have some stereotypes of moving to a country county so I’m going to share the pros of living in Huron County to set the record straight.


The Town Of Goderich resides on along the shores of Lake Huron.

Goderich Ontario is about 100km from London, 120km from Kitchener and Sarnia Ontario and around 225km from Toronto.

Goderich has a population of about 7600+ people.

5 Reasons You'll LOVE it:

  1.  Taking a stroll on the Menesetung Bridge and many other local trails.
  2. The local breweries and restaurants.
  3. Local community events such as the Celtic Roots Festival or the weekly Saturday Goderich Farmer’s Market.
  4. Job opportunities such as Compass Mineral Salt Mine.
  5. Family friendly town with lots to do.

3 Reasons You'll hate it:

  1. Tourist town.
  2. Lake Huron Erosion.
  3. Tourist paid parking down by the beach.

Delicious Restaurant's In The Neighbourhood

Fresh ingredients and made in house, this restaurant is sure to impress you. My favourite nibbles are the Crispy Beef Tenderloin.

Enjoy Lake Huron sunsets at the old train station with an upscale take on your favourite classic dishes.

Comfort food and drinks in a warm and welcoming family-friendly setting.

The Goderich Salt mine, known as Compass Minerals’ is located 1,800 feet under Lake Huron.

It is the largest underground salt mine in the world. To put that into perspective, the mine is as deep as the CN Tower in Toronto is tall.

The Goderich plant has operated since 1867, after an unsuccessful search for oil uncovered a vast bed of rock salt under Goderich.

The salt that is mined is used for road salt throughout North America. You will continuously see large ships, trains and transport trucks coming in an out of the mine. Transporting salt to hundreds of communities around the Great Lakes and along the St. Lawrence Seaway.


Some of the salt is also processed a few kilometers away for retail distribution in North America. The salt is also sold in bulk to manufacturers making detergents, plastics, disinfectants and other products.

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