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This is my Journey.

Hi folks, I’m glad you’re here! I’m a Huron County Realtor who loves to work with people and stop for the occasional donut. Okay, its more of a regular donut stop, but who’s counting? Haha.

A little background about myself.  I am a lover of all things farm, country life and baking.  I was raised in Cathcart, Ontario in Brant County.  We lived on a 36 acre hobby farm with my older brother and two parents.  I can’t remember a time I didn’t love living out in the country.  My father’s family also farmed livestock and cash crops growing up and I spent countless days on those farms until Aria, my daughter was born. Heck, the first wheat harvest I had Aria in the tractor riding along with me in Teeswater.

I started off in the culinary world right out of high school.  I took one single cooking class in grade 10 and found a hidden talent for baking.  My teachers entered me into local skilled trade competitions and I came out winning a few of them.  One being best high school baker in Ontario.

There after, I enrolled in Culinary Management at Niagara College. I spent most of my free time training for various Provincial, and International pastry competitions.  From that training I was asked to join the Junior Culinary Team Canada to compete in the Culinary World Olympics.  Yes, there is a cooking Olympics, look it up if you don’t believe me😊 I spent the next 4 years training, travelling, working and trying to balance it all.  Most nights I got 4-5 hours of sleep max.  My parents were not impressed that every time I did come home I just wanted to sleep, lol. But they knew I had big dreams and a plan for success.  After the Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany. Which we placed 7th in the world by the way. I got hired to work in sales for a reputable food brokerage out of Oakville.

At C.W Shasky, we represented many large popular brands such as Tabasco, Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice, Dole Pineapple, Stanislaus Tomatoes etc.  I ran my territory for Southwestern Ontario.  Travelling London, Sarnia, Windsor, Niagara Falls and up to Collingwood when needed.  I loved my job working with restaurants, chefs, casinos, colleges etc.  But I always knew that I was destined for something that allowed me to be my own boss.

Many family and friends questioned why I wouldn’t just open my own bakery or pastry shop.  I often replied with, “do you like spending time with me?”, they would reply yes, and I would say “okay, good, I won’t be opening my own food service business.”  I then went on to explain I just spent the better of 5+ years giving everything I had to the food service industry to only be taken away all my nights, weekends, holidays and eventually all my invites to family and friend gatherings.  I also knew that one day I wanted to start a family and I wasn’t ready to prioritize a bakery over a child.

Eventually I met my spouse, Dustin.  We moved into an apartment in Wingham Ontario for a few months before buying our home in Seaforth.  We shortly after had our daughter Aria.

The C*v*d Pa*dem*c hit in March 2020 when I was on maternity leave, when I was set to return to work in May.  My work kept me on mat leave all summer, which was fine because I wasn’t emotionally ready to leave Aria and I also didn’t have a spot for daycare yet.  Eventually in late August, I got the call that they needed to lay me off because the restaurant industry was hit hard from lockdowns.

As my usual self, I didn’t sit in my own pity party. I was ready to start a new chapter, but what?

Dustin said, well why don’t you look into real estate.  Something we had talked about many times before but never having the courage to take the leap or ever feeling like it was the “right” time.  I discussed it with my mom and Oma and a week later I enrolled in school.

I got up early, I stayed up late and I worked my butt off to pass all my exams with flying colours.  If you knew me in any form of school, just passing isn’t good enough for me.  I don’t believe in doing things half a**ed in anything I put my effort into, and this wasn’t going to be an exception.

Here I am now, deals closed, new friends made, a few more grey hairs and jumping into a career I feel free in!  I never feel dreaded to get out of bed or feel like I have to go to work.  I always knew I would be my own boss one day and get to do things my way.  Life took me down a path that shaped my skills and knowledge to now help me moving forward.  I spent years in sales and my whole life in customer service.  I don’t regret a single decision that has led me here.

I hope that if you feel like you are trapped in your job, that you can one day find a job that gives you peace and a sense of excitement to each and everyday!


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