CONS Of Relocating To Huron County Ontario

CONS Of Relocating To Huron County Ontario

If you’re thinking about relocating to Huron County then you’re in the right place.

I’ve been visiting Huron County my whole life but until I moved here full time I only got to experience all the benefits of the area.

If you have already checked out my blog post on the Pros Of Living In Huron County, I’m here to play devil’s advocate to give you a well rounded perspective of some of the Cons.

CON #5 - Lake Huron Erosion

In my pro blog I discuss the beauty and love for the beaches and I still stand by these statements.  But with all things good there is sometimes bad that comes along with it. 

Some towns  in Huron County on the shores of Lake Huron have been struggling with erosion on the bluffs such as Goderich and Bayfield in recent years.  Since this blog relates to moving, it’s important to note that if you’re buying a home or cottage around the lake you will want to educate yourself on the potential dangers for yourself and your biggest investment.

I have more in depth information on erosion you can find HERE, or feel free to reach out and have a chat of your needs if looking for a lakefront property in Huron County.

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CON #4 - Driving Distance

If you want everything within minutes in proximity think again.  Huron County is a large area and many places are 10-30 minutes to drive to neighbouring towns.

Some towns only have one to two grocery stores, a few restaurants, if that, and a few other basic amenities.

If you’re looking for an array of options for shopping, grocery stores or a mall you will be headed to the cities of London, KW or Guelph which are 1- 1/2 hours away.

It makes for a great day trip and may help with your shopping spree problems but it can be inconvenient for some.

CON #3 - No Competitive Pricing

There aren’t many competitors for large chain grocery stores to compete with so grocery shopping in our small towns just sucks. Literally sucks the money out of your wallet.

Living in Seaforth I commute to Stratford most of the time to get to more discounted grocery stores that still makes it worth the extra gas money to drive out there.

Something to keep in mind to aid with this is visiting local farmers markets, roadside stands throughout the summer and preserving food in cans or the freezer for farm fresh produce all year long.

CON #2 - Older Homes

I know myself I definitely don’t consider this a con growing up in an old farm house and now living in a house over 110 years old.

I do find a lot of my out of town buyers have to change their mindset around what comes with an older home.  It’s nothing to be scared of, its just a few extra things to take into account for your time, budget and overall wish list. 

If your looking for a move in ready home with all the pretty fixtures and the peace of mind that most of of the large home repairs wont be due for years to come, it is definitely possible to find in Huron County. 

Just be aware that these are old historic towns that have many older homes and new developments aren’t around every corner.

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CON #1 - The Weather

As we still host beautiful hot sunny weather for beach days.

Our winters to put it simply, can be brutal.  For us locals, it’s normal and not much to fuss over and can aid in some good winter fun at times.. 

But if you are thinking of moving to Huron County to commute to the city like London, KW or Toronto daily, think again.  Many major roads get closed up here in a bad storm and you can’t go very far. The pull the plows and some roads can have over a foot of snow on them before the plows resume their work.

It’s important to have a vehicle with at least all wheel drive if commuting around the county often.. We have seen some nasty weather come across the lake the last two summers as well.  I actually had a showing booked the evening on a tornado watch.  I postponed it an hour later, thanks to Dustin adamantly telling me if was a bad idea (haha) and when I drove up there, I kid you not, the tornado touched down less than a kilometer where I would have been showing a cottage with no basement.

The lake is great to be near by but it gives us some pretty interesting weather throughout the year.

Alright, that wraps up some cons for living in Huron County. Again if you haven’t checked out my blog on the Pros of Living in Huron County I encourage you to read that as well.


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