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Looking For A Better Buying/Selling Experience?

Looking For A Better Buying/Selling Experience?

Ever wanted to provide feedback to a Realtor but you were nervous to hurt their feelings? I truly believe you can’t fix mistakes if you don’t get the RAW truth from the other side of the perspective.This is your chance to let me know how I can benefit future clients in their buying and selling journey. HOW DO I SHARE MY EXPERIENCE? Scroll down and click...

10 Tips For Moving To A New Home With Kids

How To Find A Realtor In Another Town?

Did you know that although I only usually service the Huron and Perth surrounding areas that I can help you buy and sell anywhere?If you have a local realtor you love to work with but you’re moving to another town and want to find a representative closer to your new community I can take that task off your hands.   Read this blog post to learn how you can support your local realtor and also find you a...

megan proper huron county realtor

Get To Know Megan Proper

This is my Journey. Hi folks, I’m glad you’re here! I’m a Huron County Realtor who loves to work with people and stop for the occasional donut. Okay, its more of a regular donut stop, but who’s counting? Haha. A little background about myself.  I am a lover of all things farm, country life and baking.  I was raised in Cathcart, Ontario in Brant County.  We lived on a 36 acre...

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