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what is a wett inspection?

What is a Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inspection?

Are you looking to buy a home with a wood burning fireplace? If so, did you know that you should be conducting a WETT inspection when purchasing? Keep reading so you can learn why this is an important step in your buying process and how it can save your house from potentially burning to the ground.https://youtu.be/LBSIaMRt6fAToday let's dive into why you may need a Wood Energy Technology...

What Does My Home Insurance Need From Me?

What Does My Home Insurance Need From Me?

Are you a homeowner or real estate investor? Do you know why having home insurance is so important? Picture this: You've invested in a beautiful rental property, and you have tenants who love living there. Then, one night, a fire breaks out, and the property sustains significant damage. Without the right insurance coverage, you could be left with a hefty bill for repairs or even face legal action from...

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