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Buying a house in Huron County can feel like a daunting experience. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

 With my Proper Process, my system guides you with tools, education, realistic expectations and support to help you find the home you are worthy of.

“Megan Proper was attentive to all our real estate needs”

“She was quick to answer our questions, provided helpful information and advice, and was able to work with our schedule when we needed to view houses. She kept us informed of all developments related to our housing purchase. We highly recommend Megan when purchasing or selling a home in Huron County.”



buying a house in huron county

StealThis !

Buying a house in Huron County doesn’t need to feel like rocket science…

House hunting is overwhelming, trust me I’ve been there myself…. Take the first step and relive some of your stress with my FREE Buyer’s Handbook to help walk you step by step from the beginning to closing day!

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Deep Dive Needs Assessment

Stop wasting time searching for solutions. One exploratory call with me can help you identify any gaps in your real estate journey from your pre-approval to your preferred neighbourhood needs. Let me provide you the local market insights and first to last steps you need to know.

What Do YOU Want?

Let's get personal and explore all the wishes, wants and needs in your dream home search. I will create a custom search portal for you to save you time scrolling on realtor.ca all night long and get you touring the RIGHT homes. Saving you time and money.

Empowered Paperwork

Real estate paperwork doesn't have to be stressful. I will help you understand exactly how to buy your dream property for the best terms and price with up to date negotiation tactics, while respecting your wishes the entire time.

Securing The Property

Getting into contract is only half the battle.  Having an agent right by your side the whole way will make sure all your conditions are satisfied with ease.  Our line of communication will be continuous through the whole journey giving you confidence everything will fall into place beautifully on closing day.

Dedicated Support For Life

From our first meeting to your closing day celebratory photo, you will always be able to reach out to me for any advice.  I look forward to our relationship carrying on long past your closing day. 

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What makes me different?

buying a house in huron county

StealThis !

Shopping without a pre-approval is like going to the grocery store, filling up the cart with all your FAVOURITE things and then realizing you forgot your money.

Download my FREE Pre-Approval Checklist to start gathering all the necessary documents to get you house shopping in no time.


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I want to hear all about your dream property and save you hours scrolling realtor.ca with homes that don’t meet the mark.

I’ll get you set up with a free, no obligation property search.

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I can’t wait to read all about it!

Have Questions About Buying?

Check out our FAQs for buying real estate in Huron County & Area.

Arming yourself with a good mortgage broker is just as important as your relationship with your realtor or lawyer.  We are all part of a team to get you the house of your dreams. Just like you will most likely call multiple moving companies to compare services and fees, do the same with lenders! Mortgage interest rates and other costs vary from lender to lender, but many don’t bother to shop around. By comparing different lenders, you will most likely save hundreds of dollars, so shop until you find the best lender. My best advise is to work with a mortgage broker who can help educate you about different types of mortgages, how to pay off your loan faster, and create a good relationship for life.  Working with a broker will also save you from submitting all your information to multiple banks.  They can help you work with your preferred bank or find you a deal you may not have known existed.  If you need a referral just reach out and I can get you in touch with someone who can be part of your team! This will make everything much smoother when buying a house in Huron County.

Sure, you want a home that checks off the items on your wish list and meets your needs. Being nitpicky about a home’s cosmetics, however, can be short-sighted if you wind up in a neighborhood you hate. Ask me about the neighbourhood or better yet, tell me what you need and I can point you in the right direction for a community that will best suit your needs and lifestyle. Measure your commute time and take things like proximity to hospitals, grocery stores and amenities into account. Visit the neighborhood at different times to get a sense of traffic, neighbour interactions and the overall vibe to see if it’s an area that appeals to you.

I always recommend that you have a home inspection done. In the scheme of things, paying a few hundred dollars to have peace of mind that there are no hidden dangers or problems is well worth the money. Ask me about the time my buyers saved over $15,000 with a house they purchased, all because of having their home inspection in place.

Closing costs are typically 1-2% of the purchase price, and while many fees are found in every transaction (e.g taxes, lawyer fees etc.) You may incur extra costs depending on the type of property you purchase and the area. Additionally, keep in mind that you may need to upgrade or fix certain areas of your new home, or you will need an unexpected repair not long after your purchase. Therefore, make sure you don’t use up all your savings and budget to pay for closing costs, the down payment, moving expenses, and some extra money in case of urgent repairs. If your looking for a more in depth list I encourage you to take advantage of my FREE Buyer’s Handbook.

When you have the keys! When you are financing your purchase, it takes four to six weeks for your loan to be processed. Once the lender gives the all-clear, closing is scheduled. You will sign your loan documents and both parties will sign documents transferring ownership to you. Unless other arrangements have been agreed upon by both parties, the sellers should have completely vacated the home when they sign the closing papers. You can have your belongings ready to move, and a moving company scheduled before you go to closing. At closing, you will receive the documentation you need to provide utility companies with proof of your new residence.

Learn More About Buying

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