Welcome To Blyth

Did someone say More Cowbell?  Recently many folks have heard of Blyth because of the Cowbell Brewing Co, a popular destination brewery.
It’s most notably known for the Blyth Festival Theatre, an all Canadian professional theatre.
With a small population of just over 1,000 people it’s sure to give you that intimate small community feel.
Blyth offers interesting businesses to support, and the (G2G) Goderich-to-Guelph Rail Trail runs right through, making it convenient to stop for a bite to each or enjoy refreshments at the local restaurants. 

Thinking Of Relocating To Huron County?

 If you’re coming from the big cities you may have some stereotypes of moving to a country county so I’m going to share the pros of living in Huron County to set the record straight.


Blyth is another small village located in North Huron.  It is conveniently located approximately 20km from the beautiful shores of Lake Huron.

It’s about 100km from Kitchener Ontario and around 200km from Toronto.

It’s easily accessed from London right from Huron County Road 4 in just under 100km.

5 Reasons You'll LOVE it:

  1.  You can hope right on the G2G Trail right in Blyth.
  2. The annual festivals and events put on by the community and theatre.
  4. Blyth Festival Theatre.
  5. Blyth Creek Maple Farm.

2 Reasons You'll hate it:

  1. There isn’t an actual grocery store, just a small store with your needed necessities.
  2. It’s a pass through town, so main street can be busy.

Delicious Restaurant's In The Neighbourhood

A local favourite and also a destination brewery that you must visit when in the area! Craft beer, and homemade food, also check out their giftshop.

Giving you a true Huron County experience from lunch, dinner to your accommodations.

Inspired by Danish roots, this small shop will impress you with their fresh breads, pastry and café items.

Homes For Sale & Sold in The Neighbourhood

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