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Posted by meganproper21@gmail.com on August 8, 2022

7 Things To Do For The First Week In Your New Home

7 Things To Do For The First Week In Your New Home

Hey New Homeowner!

You’ve popped the bubbly,  slept your first night on the air mattress and still can’t find your toothbrush, am I right? 

As the dust settles, here are 7 Things To Do For The First Week In Your New Home to help make everything fall into place smoothly.

Tip # 7 - Set Up The Thermostat Schedule

My number seven tip is setting up the thermostat schedule.  Unless you magically have the same schedule and enjoy the same temperatures of the previous owners, you will want to set this up right away. Save some energy costs and work the schedule around the times you are at work and at home.

Tip #6 - Locating The Circuit Breaker

Locate your circuit breaker.  When you start plugging in all your new things, you might end up tripping a breaker. You will want to know where and how to restore power. 

The box is usually in the basement, hallway, closet or garage.

7 Things To Do For The First Week In Your New Home

Tip #5 - Emergency Shut Off's

Find all the Shut-Off Locations. Hopefully you will never have to use these but in case a water line bursts, you will want to know exactly where to run to shut it off. You can also find individual shut off valves to your sinks, toilets & other water lines.

Make sure to locate the water shut-off, and gas shut-off.

Tip #4 - Updating Your Address

My number four tip is changing your address. Your first priority should be your mail and driver’s license.

Your mail will hopefully get forwarded with anything pending in the mail system.

Then work at changing over your list of things such as utilities (which you should have already done before moving in), government documents, credit cards, banks, subscriptions, amazon, etc.

Tip #3 - Buy A Fireproof or High Fire Rated Safe

Number three is to buy a fireproof or high fire rating safe.  Store all your important documents like birth certificates, house documents, valuables and so on.  Find an inconspicuous place to keep it.

7 Things To Do For The First Week In Your New Home

Tip #2 - Create A Lock Out Plan And Fire Escape Plan

Create a lock out plan and fire escape plan.

You will want a plan in case you lock yourself out of your house and you don’t have a door code.

You can give a key to a friend or family member, buy a lockbox, or hide a key somewhere on your property.

While you’re finding the perfect hiding spot for your key, start mapping out a fire escape plan with your family and plan a game to practice it if you have younger children.

Tip #1 - Get To Know Your Neighbours!

My number one tip is the fun one. Get to know your neighbours!

Bake some cookies and take a walk around like Dustin and I did in our neghbourhood.

Find local facebook groups, join a local charity, church or legion.  Participate in local events, say hi at the grocery store, or celebrate dinner at a local restaurant.  

Moving is exhausting and scary when entering a new neighbourhood.  But the more you give and put yourself out there, I promise the more you will receive.

There are many things to be done when moving in.  Remember it’s okay to take a few days to recover and take your time making your new space a place where you can make everlasting memories with family and friends. 

If you found these tips helpful in your new home ownership journey, check out my next blog post on  5 Things To NEED To Buy For Your New Home live on August 15th, 2022.


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