5 Things I LOVE About Living In The Country

5 Things I LOVE About Living In The Country

Has the thought of rural living intrigued you but you’re not sure what it’s all about or if it’s for you?

If so, read this whole blog post to get my honest opinion of 5 things I love most about living in the country so that you can get the most out of your new lifestyle and how it may affect your whole family. 

Stick around to the end to find out my favourite thing about the country that may surprise you but will be well worth the adventure.

This blog post is going to be a little bit unstructured because I’m going to discuss some of my favourite things I love about the country.  As I live in town right now with my family for our first home.  Our ultimate goal is to get back to the farm country life like I was raised.

The Lovely Smells

Number five on my list is the smells.  As spring is the time for manure spreading in farm areas, I assure you there are many more pleasant smells that you can learn to love. 

One of my most nostalgic memories of growing up was the smell of freshly cut alfalfa.  Which is a plant commonly grown in pastures for animals.

It’s just something about driving down the road with your windows down and being able to smell many different things in even a small 10km drive.  Farm to farm, road to road, whether its dust from the dirt road, freshly cut grass, plants, flowers, animals or even just the crisp clean air that the country life provides.  It’s sure to help ground you back to mother nature.

The Country Is Quiet

The country is quiet and there’s something to be said about peace and serenity.

When you escape the hustle and bustle of the city and take away the light and noise pollutions like traffic, stop lights and everything the city has to offer in its close proximity.  You’ll start to hear actual birds chirping at 5am to wake you up, or the sounds of crickets and frogs singing you a lullaby to sleep, or perhaps no sounds at all. 

The sound of nature alone can bring a sense of serenity that is unmatched.

5 Things I LOVE About Living In The Country

Lots Of Space

The country has lots of space.  I spent my childhood days being kicked out of the house to explore whatever my imagination could dream up that day. 

Whether playing in the sandbox with old rubber tires, playing hide and seek in the straw barn or ripping around on recreational vehicles.

My parents had space to grow their own gardens, park their camping trailer, raise farm animals, host campfires with family and friends and the list goes on.  

Having your own little piece of land can give you the opportunities to explore new hobbies, de-stress through your own walking trails or help you connect better with the environment.  Getting your hands dirty and challenging yourself to explore nature for yourself. Check out the neighbourhood pages for different rural communities around Huron County.

5 Things I LOVE About Living In The Country

Raising Children

While our hands are dirty, let’s talk about the benefits of raising a family in the country.

Rural life provides the opportunity to teach your kids skills that are simply skipped these days such as growing your own food, tending to animals and nature, learning how to change your own tires or oil, or cooking or baking your own bread and pasta sauce.

I spent my childhood indirectly learning an enormous amount of life skills that my parents incorporated into everyday life which now serve me well in my adulthood.


The Stars

My absolute favourite thing about country living are the stars!

I can hear you already thinking, sure megan the stars are cool but how are they so different in the country.  All I have to say is try it for yourself.  Take a drive out of the city this summer to a back country road with no street lights and far enough that you don’t have any artificial skyglow. You will be amazed at the amount of stars and constellations that you will be able to see and admire.

5 Things I LOVE About Living In The Country

As I know that list comes from my personal love of the country, I hope it gives you some insight into why living in the country can be sought after for many.  As I love the country, I do understand that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. 


Look out for my blog where I’m going to share 5 things you may HATE about living in the country.

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