5 Things Home Buyers Shouldn’t Worry About

5 Things Home Buyers Shouldn’t Worry About

There are many things to contemplate when buying your first home beyond the finances. Numerous buyers go into their buying experience with a shopping list of musts that simply don’t matter.

This blog is going to explain five things home buyers agonize over, but really aren’t significant at the end of the day…

#5 - Damaged Door & Windows

Number five is damaged doors or broken windows. As it’s very important to investigate the age of the windows and doors as they are pricey items.  They are relatively easy to replace. So don’t get caught up on dirty, dented or broken glass.

Work these costs out in your budget before making an offer on the house to ensure you will have enough money to replace these items beforehand.

#4 - Deck Or Patio Problems

Number four is deck or patio problems. Green and slimy rotten deck boards or broken patio stones can be an eye sore but there’s no need to stress over these items.  Worst case you tear them out and rebuild.

As nice as decks and patios are, they are not essential items needed for everyday living.

5 Things Home Buyers Shouldn’t Worry About

Tip #3 - Crappy Listing Photos

Number three is overlooking the crappy listing photos.  It’s easy to overlook a listing if it doesn’t have high-quality professional pictures of the house. As it’s very important for sellers to get this to advertise their listing well.

As the buyer you have to remember the house could be tenanted and they didn’t want their personal belongings photographed or the sellers are on a budget and chose a realtor who discounted their fee for less of a marketing budget.

Instead, focus on the layout of the house and if there are major cosmetic changes that would need to be done outside. Then have your realtor inquire about more specifics before you book a viewing.

5 Things Home Buyers Shouldn’t Worry About

#2 - Aesthetics

Number two is aesthetics. I agree, there aren’t many quicker turn offs at a showing than wall to wall shag carpet from the sixties or bright purple walls. But don’t let that cloud your vision and see the true potential underneath.

Anything such as flooring, light fixtures, paint, old appliances or landscaping can be manageable upgrades.  I know this is an obvious tip but you would be surprised at the many buyers who can’t see through this stuff.

#1 - Staging

Number one is staging.  Don’t get caught up in the feelings of the lush pillows, cozy blankets and faux plants throughout the house.

Staging is done to pull at your emotions and make you fall in love with the potential of the house.  As this is a great feature for sellers to sell their homes.  Buyer’s can get caught up in this and forget to look at the most important factors which are the bones of the house and more costly replacement items like the furnace, wiring, plumbing and so forth.

Find a good home inspector to come and inspect the home.  Ask your realtor to investigate the age of the furnace, AC, roof etc. If you know something’s going to give soon, make sure you’re prepared financially to cover those costs.

I have more about this in This Blog Post.  Be sure to check it out. No one wants to live through a Canadian winter without a furnace or a leaky roof.

5 Things Home Buyers Shouldn’t Worry About

Now that you know why you want to move, if you can afford it, how it will change your lifestyle, if this is your final move and what your game plan is, you may also be interested in learning about whether you should build an addition or move on?

If you’re looking to upsize and are ready to get a free home evaluation from me to help you start the process of giving your family the space they need, reach out to me now through my contact page.

I’m looking forward to helping you with this move!


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