10 Questions To Ask At Every Listing

10 Questions To Ask At Every Listing

Are you asking enough questions when looking at houses?


Here are 10 questions you should be asking your realtor about every house that you look at.

House hunting is overwhelming, trust me I’ve been there myself…. But being an agent now I have a minimum list of questions I dive into for my buyers for each house we look at, regardless if they ask me to or not.

10 Questions To Ask At Every Listing

  1. What is the age of the roof?
  2. What is the Age of the Septic System?
  3. When was the Septic last pumped? Is there an inspection report?
  4. What is the age of the well? What type of well is it? Safe drinking test?
  5. Any special offer requests? (offer date, long irrevocable period or seller conditions?)
  6. What is the zoning?
  7. Are there any additional private realtor notes you should be aware of?
  8. What is the preferred deposit amount?
  9. How many days has the property been on the market?
  10. Sellers preferred closing date?

BONUS Questions

  1. Anything special to the seller that would make their process better for them (to include in your offer)
  2. If any new renovations, when were they done?
  3. Age of the furnace/AC?
  4. Type of foundation?
  5. Is there a pre-listing home inspection?
  6. What is the age of the home?
  7. How much are the estimated yearly taxes?
  8. List of inclusions/exclusions?
  9. Local amenities (If new to the area)
  10. Internet providers? (If needing high speed)
  11. Type of heating source? (propane, natural gas, wood burning etc)
  12. Any previous utility bills?

All of these questions may not have answers to them but they are worth asking to protect your basics.

If you would like the printable version of this list (with the bonus questions!) Click down below for my Free Copy of 10 Questions To Ask At Every Listing.

10 questions to ask at every listing

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10 Questions To Ask At Every Listing

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